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1. The nature of Common Sense

2. The differences and similarities between Logic and Common Sense
[a] Introduction
[b] False Logic
[c] Arithmetic
[d] Grammar
[e] In the courtroom
[f] In War
[g] Cause and Effect

3. Common Sense, Experts, Business and Celebrities
[a] Experts on experts and expertise
[b] Group expertise
[c] Celebrity fallacy in expertise
[d] Commercial expertise fallacy

4. How Common Sense has been acquired by us
[a] Watch and copy
[b] Classical Conditioning
[c] Operant Conditioning
[d] Family influence
[e] Inherited learning

5. The processes which alter and affect our ability to apply Common Sense
[a] Reality Framing
[b] Our Mindset
[c] Mindset and False Perception
[d] Mindset, Strangeness, Déja Vue and Photographic Memory
[e] Mindset and Bias
[f] Mindset and False Logic
[g] Bias in Probability and Coincidence
[h] Having and using prejudices

5. Political Correctness
[a] Ancient and modern history of political correctness
[b] Everyday examples of poltical correctness

6. The Law of Unintended Consequences
[a] Driverless cars
[b] Sugar Tax
[c] Cheap Whisky
[d] Use it-or-lose-it budgeting

7. Counter intuitivity
[a] Classroom sizes
[b] Green fuels
[c] Dropping Lead and Feathers

8. The Frustrating Influences on Common Sense.
[a] Judges and lawyers versus Common Sense
[b] Science, Global Warming and Climate change
[c] Democracies and Common Sense

9. Common Sense solutions to common problems.

The course on the Philosophy and Concept of Common Sense is enlightening. In the column opposite you can read in detail what is covered. This course equips the student with insight into tens of thousands of years of learning to survive and succeed against all adversities.

The Course is available as an online course for a reduced course fee of £75. The course material is supplied to you online and one to one help and support is available seven days a week by email.

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